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Ask yourself, are you happy?

July 20, 2016

Right now, ask yourself, “Am I happy doing this?”

Step away from what you are doing and in get into the moment.  Look at your surrounds.  Look at what you’ve just been doing.  Consider how you feel in your body.  Think about whether these clothes you wear are sitting right with who you are? Stop in the moment and ask yourself, ‘Am I happy doing this? I am happy with the things I have chosen? Or has it all become a big habit?”

Each morning, and thoughtout the day, I speak to my ‘mirror friend’ over Viber.  We act to show the other perspective on all things.  We talk about all number of matters, and mostly it is very, very funny.  We look at the irony of our forty-something lives, pondering where to find magic, how to manifest everything from a new opportunity to a new place to explore.  There is humour in the exchanges.  Mostly, there is questioning about what we’ve established as the status quo in our lives and whether it fits.

She talks about ‘unstitching’ a lot.  I love the term.  It reminds me to wake up to every moment.  It allows me to jolt into a place where I can move away from something isn’t inherently right for me – a business opportunity, an investment, a working collaboration. Yeah, we talk about the serious things that affect us business-operating women.

But we know that all that effort in the corporate, saddled by the responsibility of looking after our partners and children, requires us to look deeper into the emotional and the spiritual.  It is our daily practice.  We put ourselves in our metaphoric lighthouse, stare out of the highest point and chart a safer course, for us individually.

We were not put on the earth to work for the man.  Our role is not to seek out the dollar.  It is not meant that we worry about a manager. That we think ourselves not good enough.  This tripe is anchored in the negative, the mediocre.  All of us are better than the bottom of the bucket.

So look now.  Make a note of what you like.  Make a note of what you don’t.

Check in on your status quo and see where it needs to change.  A slight change can start a domino effect for the better.

Because routine is the killer of so many things.  It murders opportunity, adventure, intimacy, creativity, inspiration, health and so much more.

Yes, time to stop momentarily and say, ‘Is this the life I want?’  And if not, take a small step towards change.  And find yourself a friend who will journey with you, daily, with humour and irony so the medicine is sweeter and better for you.

Endnote – I wanted to write about this after a lovely Twitter exchange about how LinkedIn has become the place of memes and a place much less serious than its brand attributes had ever meant it.  I suggest that people, through their access to communication, are now questioning the daily grind of work and thinking, ‘What the hell is all of this?’  Yes, I’m all for people following their bliss.  It makes for happy people, happier families and happier generations to come.