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Recognising the Free Woman

December 7, 2016

You can see free women in all the normal places. They stand out. There’s something about them that seems to sparkle. There is a spring in their step. And I’ll say, they have that ‘glow thing’ happening.

What is a free woman? No, not just single, not just able to traipse wherever they want, whenever they want. Not necessarily wealthy either although we know this helps.

A free woman is a woman in her skin and aware of her space within the world.

She is secure in the person she is and is aware of the potential that still lies ahead. She is aware of her emotions and doesn’t try and control these; she just has them. Her body is hers to do with it what she wants and she’s kinda reconciled herself with all the parts. The knowledge she’s collected over the years have given her inspiration, ideas, sadness and joy. It has changed her, moulded her, locked up her just as much as it has set her free.

She has plans, this free woman, but she in mindful. Her ebb and flow changes but she sits within herself, not judging. It washes over her. She just is. There is not much she can change although when it comes she takes it in hand. It is her responsibility.

Free woman can say yes just as much as she can say no. When she needs to take rest, even if it’s in the middle of the afternoon, she will take it. Able to watch herself, she seeks what is good for her and what is also good for others. Her truth is with her, as is her weakness, her strength and her desire. Free woman has worked hard to sit in her skin. And she lets other take their time as her sisterhood also seek their own version.

Part of the freedom comes with age. So many women say that they hit forty and they suddenly no longer give a shit. They review their reactions, decisions and the responsibilities they took onboard through their children, teenage years, 20’s and 30’s and think, wow. They take all the best bits, the parts that nourished and fed their spirit and it rushed to them in an easier to see package and they grab it and open it up. They say, ‘That is mine.’

What comes with this is completely ‘fresh eyes’. It’s like the rose-coloured glasses are taken off and they are viewing it in a clearer and more succinct way. Her agenda is her own. This new view makes it easier to navigate the places which previously where harder or murkier. The confidence seems to be there. If you need it, even a shred of it on the worst day, it’s within distance. It’s like all the tools are suddenly in the harness that wraps over your shoulders, just beneath your cape. A whole new world to experience like a child reborn.

Getting to free isn’t a thing you find overnight. It’s not something you wake up to.

It doesn’t come with a birthday. It doesn’t’ click in through a dream or a conversation. It is a gradual build of sorting through the collection of how life has been and how we want to be.

It’s getting the little girl of yesteryear to reignite. It’s remembering those times in your head where you imagined what could be possible, what you were going to do next, and then doing it. With or without permission.

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