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Change is a constant. We better get used to it

July 22, 2016

There’s the old adage regarding ‘from action comes action.’

If you want change, your action will assist it to come forth.  If you don’t want change and it’s coming for you, or you’re in the midst of it, then your actions are still somehow turning the cogs.

Because change is inevitable. We’ve made such a big deal about it to the point where we usually think about it in the negative context.  But what if we thought of it as a ‘just is’?

I’ve heard people lie about their love for change because most of the time their changes keeps them in their drama.  I’ve also heard the dread that people express about change despite them handling it beautifully, step by step, evolution in song.

What seems to make change so difficult is our need to hang on

to things that we should simply let pass us by.

We’ve got out grip on bad love, a job that’s run its course or our ageing bodies.  Lessen that grip. Go with it.

This is not to say all we should let go of is the negative.  No, indeed, letting go of the positive also serves to build on it further.  If we can accept that our journey is really there to support us, we can begin to understand that it’s not a case of good and bad, rather it is just the flow of life.

The concept of letting go was something I struggled with for many years.  My very frustrated naturopath at the time used to tell me, “Just let go of it all” and I responded by saying, as my usually practical self, “Show me how to do that.”  He never did but eventually I learned by myself.

And what I learned was this.

I had to stop worrying about what had gone behind me.  I had to stop worrying about what was ahead of me.  I just had to learn to put myself right in the moment because that was all that counted.  In the beginning it was difficult but soon I learned that to stay in the moment I had to focus on what was happening RIGHT then and there.  What was I doing in that moment in time.  What was happening around me? Was I noticing/seeing/experiencing the details?

By taking in the details of the moment you can sit right there, dealing only with what is important at the time.

You can’t ultimately control what has passed nor what is ahead. So smell the roses and be right here.  Change will continue so sit back and take in the view. One moment at a time.


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